Movie Star

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The Movie Star Set from Valerie Beverly Hills! Feel your best and brightest with the newest set. Packed with multiple hues of pinks. From bright and bold too soft and delicate. This set is all you need to feel like a star! Set includes:

  • Bustier Blusher
  • Elizabeth Cream Eyeshadow (Best seller!)
  • Centerfold Lipgloss (Best seller!)
  • Pansy Lip Liner
  • Oz Pencil

    How to use
  • Apply Bustier Blusher to the apple of your cheeks with our number 22 brush.
  • Apply pink side of Oz Pencil all over lid and white side to underneath brow bone and corner of eye. Blend!
  • Pat Elizabeth Cream Eyeshadow on lid over Pink Pencil.
  • Line lips to Pansy Lip Liner and fill in.
  • Apply Centerfold to center of top and bottom lip.