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Celebrity makeup artist Valerie Sarnelle is as much a Beverly Hill's icon as her elegant namesake salon is an institution in this posh town. 

As a young girl, Valerie’s passion for beauty, glamour and femininity coincided with the arrival of her stylish grandmother, a wealthy Greek socialite. Under the loving and watchful eye of her "ya-ya," Valerie's life was transformed forever. Suddenly, Valerie was "obsessed" with fashion, decorating and creating beauty.

What began as her sketching the gorgeous faces featured in fashion magazines eventually evolved into life size canvases.  On her mothers suggestion, Valerie entered beauty school and soon after graduating, landed a job as a makeup artist at CBS.

Valerie worked alongside legendary makeup artist Joe Blasco, until going solo in 1984. That same year, Valerie developed her Valerie Beverly Hills line of cosmetics at the urging of her growing clientele. Ten years later, she moved her original Beverly Hills salon to the corner of North Canon Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard. After almost 25 years in that location, she fulfilled a life long dream opening up a luxurious playground of beauty, specialized spa treatments and her signature makeup. 

Valerie's mission has always been to bring out a woman's beauty and empower her with confidence and strength. She teaches her clients how to enhance their features with skillful techniques, professional tricks, and her signature products. Valeries makeup focuses on flawless skin and personalized looks which she believes are the secrets to truly timeless beauty. Her philosophy is about connecting with clients, learning their stories, and helping them find clarity and beauty from the inside out.
“Its not how you look, its how you think you look!"
Valerie Sarnelle

Photo of Valerie Sarnelle, owner and founder of Valerie Beverly Hills and a client after her brows have been shaped by Valerie. Valerie applies Mucho Mucho Lipstick to a model or s holiday photoshoot. Image of Valerie wearing a crown. Valerie applies Charmed Concealer to a Burnette model to cover dark circles. Valerie being interviewed in her original store in Beverly Hills.