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Valerie Beverly Hills is a cosmetic company and makeup boutique based exclusively out of Beverly Hills, California. A luxury brand prized for selling a unique line of high quality cosmetics, Valerie Beverly Hills offers an unparalleled beauty experience to its consumers.

For more than 30 years, tinseltown beauties such as Celine Dion, Salma Hayek and Halle Berry- as well as scores of local and bicoastal socialites- have regularly beaten the tree-lined path to Valerie Sarnelle’s “plush palace” for her signature glamour makeovers, expert eyebrow shaping, and custom makeup palettes.

In fact, a "sneak peek" into many celeb's or model's designer handbag is guaranteed to reveal a slew of Valerie's product innovations: Secret Weapon, a dual-colored pan foundation; Naturelle Pencil, a baby pink under-eyebrow highlighter; Baby Shine lip glosses; sparkling Fairy Dust face and body powders and the Star Stencil Kit-a foolproof stencil-guided system to perfect brows.


Celebrity makeup artist Valerie Sarnelle is as much a Beverly Hill's icon as her elegant namesake salon is an institution in this posh town.

As a young girl, Sarnelle's passion for beauty, glamour and femininity coincided with the arrival of her stylish grandmother, a wealthy Greek socialite. Under the loving and watchful eye of her "ya-ya," Sarnelle's life was transformed forever. Suddenly, Sarnelle was "obsessed" with fashion, decorating, and above all, creating beauty.

Sketching the gorgeous faces featured in the fashion magazines she pored over daily soon evolved into life-size canvases, with her friends and family becoming regular "models" as she honed her artistry. On her mother's suggestion, Sarnelle entered beauty school, and soon after graduating, landed a job as a makeup artist at CBS.

Following stints working alongside legendary makeup artist Joe Blasco, Sarnelle went solo in 1984. That same year, Sarnelle developed her Valerie Beverly Hills line of cosmetics at the urging of her growing clientele. Ten years later, she moved her original Beverly Hills salon to the corner of North Canon Drive and Little Santa Monica Boulevard. Most recently, she has relocated to the more pedestrian friendly street of Beverly Drive.

Valerie's mission has always been to bring out a woman's beauty and empower her by doing so. She believes that making a woman feel beautiful makes a woman feel confident, strong and ready for anything. She has taught her clients how to enhance their best features with skillful technique, professional tricks, and tried and true products. Valerie's makeup philosophy focuses on flawless skin and elegant makeup, which she believes are the secrets to truly timless beauty. Doing makeup for Valerie, is more than making people beautiful, it is about connecting with clients, learning their stories, and helping them find clarity and beauty from the inside out. “I don’t just want women to exist. I want them to live!” -Valerie Sarnelle


  • PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP APPLICATION- $250 with Valerie; $175 with Senior Artist; $150 Junior Artist
  • EXPERT EYEBROW SHAPING- $100 with Valerie; $50 with Senior Artist; $45 with Junior Artist
  • MAKEUP LESSON- $350 with Valerie; $250 with Staff
  • FACE WAXING (lip, chin, cheeks, etc...)- $25 per area
  • STRIP LASH APPLICATION- $25 w/ purchase of lashes
  • BRIDAL TRIAL MAKEUP- $250 with Valerie; $175 with Senior Artist; $150 with Junior Artist
  • BRIDAL MAKEUP- $350 with Valerie; $250 with Staff
  • OFFSITE BRIDAL MAKEUP- please call for pricing


For an appointment, please call our salon and one of our staff members will be happy to find the best time to accommodate you.

Valerie Beverly Hills

315 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
phone: 310.274.7348
fax: 310.274.8968
email: info@valeriebeverlyhills.com